Saturday, January 28, 2012

Curriculum Vitae

Since the Year 1975, Consultant Dr J D Bapat is engaged in teaching, research, consultancy and training in the areas of (a) Cement manufacturing: modernisation including new plants, productivity enhancement, energy conservation, (b) Concrete: mineral admixtures, durability studies (c) Engineering Education: teaching and research, establishing new institutions and capacity addition, accreditation, ISO, results improvement, image building, (d) Fuel Cells: adoption of technology to setup new plants. This post is related to his Curriculum Vitae. Visit the following links to obtain the relevant information:

(a) Brief Biodata: Useful for introduction.

(b) Qualification and Experience: Gives details of academic qualification, professional activities and work experience

(c) List of Publications: The publications are related to the areas  of expertise mentioned as above. Dr Bapat is also a reviewer for number of national and international journals.

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